Graphite Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Graphite Herman Miller Aeron Chair

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Used Aeron chairs
Used Graphite Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Graphite Herman Miller Aeron Chair


Looking for a used Aeron chair? The Herman Miller Aeron Is the perfect ergonomic chair for taking your back health seriously and our used Aeron chairs are excellent value too.

When designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick set out to create a chair that was health-positive, cross-performing, inclusively-sized and environmentally sensitive, they arrived at a design unlike the world had ever seen.

Aeron demonstrated a pioneering step in ergonomics and material innovation, and provided a comfortable solution without the standard use of foam, fabric or leather. It changed people’s perception of what an office chair could be, and in doing so it soon found a place in popular culture.

Graphite Herman Miller Aeron Chair From £1030 RRP

Aeron Chair Features

  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair
  • Graphite mesh
  • Size B
  • Adjustable padded arms
  • Fully refurbished
  • Available with lumbar support at £325 +VAT
  • 12 Month Warranty



Size B

Quantity Available

4 (4CH), 65(HA), 84(SA)

Price from : £299.00 £249.00

Price excludes VAT

One thought on “Graphite Herman Miller Aeron Chair”

  1. Hi there, I am looking for a used aeron chair, I am a size small and would need the extra lumbar support. I live in France.
    Thank you
    Zoe Younger
    290 Route du Moulin
    MONTMAGNY ( Underneath, Notre dame du Pre)
    0033 (0)771896432

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