Rh Logic 400 Ergonomic Chair with Headrest

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Rh Logic 400 Ergonomic Chair with Headrest


  • The Rh Logic 400 Ergonomic Chair has been and continues to be the bench-mark of high performing ergonomic seating.
  • Seat height and depth can be adjusted quickly and simply. The controls can be accessed when seated and are marked with pictograms to make them easy to understand.
  • The lumbar provides extra support for the lower back and, consequently, for the entire back. The pump adjusts the amount of air in a lumbar cushion, providing extra support.
  • The resistance of the tilt mechanism is simply adjusted according to body weight and height. The control wheel is located on the left side beneath the seat.
  • Armrests provide relief for the shoulders and can be adjusted by height and width.
  • The seat includes a layer of wool, providing improved ventilation and making it cooler than conventional pads.


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Rh Logic 400 Ergonomic Chair with Headrest

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