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We supply both new and used office furniture to the new UK Freeports.

There is new stock every week and you can choose from our large selection of office furniture, including office chairs, conference chairs, desks, bench desks, filing cabinets, pedestals, cupboards, reception sofas, reception desks and meeting tables.

If you are looking to set up your business at one of the new freeports, take a look at our selection of office furniture in the categories below. We deliver and install office furniture and also do office removals / business relocations.

New & Used Office Furniture by Category

What are Freeports?

Freeports are areas where normal tax and customs rules do not apply. They can include airports or maritime ports. Within a freeport area, imports can enter with simplified customs documentation without the need to pay tariffs. Businesses operating inside designated areas in and around the port can manufacture goods using these imports, adding value, before exporting again without facing payment of full tariffs or procedures.

Should the manufactured goods move out of the freeport to another part of the UK, they have to go through the full import process, including paying any tariffs.

Freeports are similar to enterprise zones, which are designated areas subject to special regulatory requirements, tax breaks and government support. A freeport differs because it is targets businesses that import, process and then re-export goods. It is not aimed at more general business support or regeneration objectives.

Setting up business at a Freeport?

Buy new & used office furniture, delivered & installed.

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The benefits of opening a business in a Freeport

  • An enhanced 10% rate of structures and buildings allowance for constructing or renovating non-residential structures and buildings within freeport tax sites in Great Britain. This means investments will be fully relieved after 10 years compared with 33 years for properties in other locations which only achieve a 3% rate.
  • An enhanced capital allowance of 100% for company investment in plant and machinery for use in freeport tax sites in Great Britain.
  • Full relief from stamp duty land tax (SDLT) on the purchase of land or property within freeport tax sites in England where it is purchased and used for a qualifying commercial purpose.
  • Full business rates relief available to all new business and certain existing businesses that have expanded.