As an environmentally responsible group we are committed to sustainability and actively seek greener ways to operate. Our procurement activities incorporate our sustainability goals in line with our company vision and values.

Carbon Footprint Savings

Here is a rough guide on what your carbon footprint saving will be if you buy used office furniture rather than new. All figure are averages, taken from a range of examples for each product type. More data is available from

Item Estimated average carbon footprint (kgCO2e)
Office Task Chair 72
Visitor Chair 36
Dining Chair 27
1600 x 800mm Desk 35
1600mm x 800mm Wave Desk 63
1600mm x 1200mm Work Station 45
6 Person Bench Desk 228
Wood Desk Pedestal 28
Steel Desk Pedestal 44
Wooden Filing Cabinet 48
Dining Table 25
Footstool 17
Office Cupboard 31
Tambour Cupboard 50
Bookcase 18
Sofa 90
Armchair 43
Waiting Room Beam Seating 66


Environmental Considerations

As a major UK office furniture retailer, we explore purchasing options that minimises environmental impact and promotes sustainability. By ensuring our products are sourced from ethical supply chains, are FSC certified and comply with SKA we are operating in a Social, Environmental and Ethically responsible manner.

Additionally, as one of the UK’s leading resellers of used office furniture we look at innovative ways to redeploy unwanted furniture in order to avoid landfill. Where items are not fit for resale, we work with charities to donate to good causes, schools and local authorities. Where possible, this will be local to ensure an environmental solution is delivered, with less furniture miles.

In circumstances where furniture cannot be donated, we provide an environmental recycling solution to avoid the use of landfill. Our skilled teams segregate the various raw materials which include metals, plastics, glass, fabrics, wood and chipboard and they get transported to an approved recycling centre.

As part of our environmental commitment, we take active steps in reducing our carbon footprint. With this goal in mind we have introduced electric vehicles to our fleet, which reduces harmful air pollution and as they’re so quiet noise pollution too. We also asses and take measures to control the environmental impacts of our day to day activities.

Our Accreditations

We are accredited to ISO 14001 Environmental Management, providing our clients with the assurances that we are working to the highest ‘green’ standards. We are also conscientious in ensuring the products we supply are sourced from environmentally responsible manufacturers only, who also hold ISO 14001. We also ensure our waste packaging is disposed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our Commitment

In order to meet these requirements, City Office Furniture will:

• Monitor our use of energy, transport and natural resources with a view to reducing our impact on the environment

• Support process modifications and products that reduce pollution and waste and encourage recycling

• Maintain sufficient documentation to demonstrate compliance with the environmental requirements

• Work with our contractors and suppliers to promote positive environmental actions in accordance with our stated objectives

• Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and recognise other relevant requirements that may be placed upon us by our customers

• Assess, in advance where possible, environmental impact resulting from business operations and the environmental effects of any significant development, and adjust the company plans accordingly

• Ensure that all incidents and non-compliance situations are reported, recorded and route causes identified where environmental harm occurs or could have occurred and ensure that corrective and preventive actions are implemented

• Demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement by setting targets and objectives for our products and Company activities and review these measures on a regular basis

• Maintain an open communication environment, whereby, all employees can actively participate in the Environmental Management System. Managers and supervisors are encouraged to address employees’ questions and concerns promptly and thoroughly

• To communicate and provide the necessary information, instruction, supervision and training to enable all persons, affected by the Company undertakings, to carry out their environmental duties.